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Children's Day - One year of Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative

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Children's Day was celebrated in Venezuela this past Sunday July 15th. Today, in the hyperinflated Venezuela, it is more and more common for families to be unable to meet the basic needs of their children. The worsening of health has taken the lives of many children and teenagers, some barely survive in hospitals beds without treatment; while others dig in garbage with the hope to find something to eat.

The country is going through a humanitarian crisis of great proportions, the regime refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and reject the humanitarian aid other countries and global organizations offer... But there is still hope.

Bitcoin Venezuela is a non-profit organization which uses Bitcoin as a tool to fight for the freedom of Venezuelans through education in basic economics. We believe that Bitcoin can be used to enable free trade, something that Venezuelans need right now to survive. This organization has been focused on providing the needed knowledge to Venezuelans for them to regain their sovereignty, at least the economic one.

For this Children's Day, Bitcoin Venezuela's humanitarian aid project 'Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative' collected Bitcoin donations from Paxful.com and others, and with the help of collaborators gave food for a soup kitchen that feeds 1500 people daily, in some cases this is the only meal these people have per day. On Sunday, July 15th, in the soup kitchen each adult, kid, and teenager received a soup of beef ribs and vegetables 🍲.


Besides the meals, thanks to the help of collaborators of a local non-profit, which has been doing monthly activities the last 13 months to feed the people in need in the State of Aragua, Venezuela, funded solely through donations collected by 'Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative' in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and Monero; a traditional party bag called Cotillón 🎉 was elaborated and given to kids and teenagers, in total 659 cotillones.


Each Cotillón 🎉 had a few snacks 🍫 and a cupcake 🍰 and compote for the youngest kids, also cups and recipients for each kid. There are days when the kids get food from associations and charities but the kids don't even have plates to receive the food, so the local non-profit group came up with the idea of giving each kid their very own cup and recipient (with cool drawings on it) so they will have their own dishes for receiving the food they are offered.

This situation is pretty common in other cities of Venezuela, where soup kitchens use any plastic recipient to put the food and some of them don't even have spoons, in those cases people use pieces of broken plastic or wood (totuma/tapara) as tools to eat.


Cotillones were also distributed to kids in the streets of the city; to kids and teenagers in two orphanages, and also to kids in the Children's Hospital of Maracay. These cotillones were distributed on Sunday through Tuesday July 17th, along with 200 soups for the two orphanages and 200 hundred more meals for the people in the streets.


Thank you very much to everyone who has donated to BFVI and Bitcoin Venezuela, thank you to Paxful.com for their special support and donations for the Children's Day activity and happy third anniversary Paxful! 🎂🎈🎊

You can donate to 'Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative' humanitarian aid using any of these addresses:

Through the Lighning Network ⚡using OpenNode.co's demo page here: https://api.opennode.co/demoCheckout

BTC bitcoin:15f3KNjuBkGQXWJTBgmYbw2uJ5LbEZXnF7

ZEC zcash:t1dkSR1toZq1rmGXVr1p7tauffoenojquRz

XMR monero:47jrJ2NGQ6EWf91n8ubi1xDLA16K8uHT1UtvMuparZBqXt62wegS1xx3nce1ShpHgQ8Ngqg5DQC15gmoiU941vHzVBzZyuU

NANO: xrb_35q9ys8j7jejhpnzxkg9m7zneyyyrc5jatgm1yyj8cncdf5xg1cu96uzzi8u

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Children's Day - One year of Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative
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