Children's Day in mid of Venezuela's crisis

In these hard times for Venezuelans, for most families a date like Children's Day is no longer a happy holiday as it used to be. Many worries comes to mind everyday for parents, feeding their children is a constant concern, they struggle every day to bring food to the table as they can barely make a living with their salary.

Venezuela's economic crisis continues worsening, in June 12 Maduro's regime released a new denomination for bill notes "to ease commercial transactions", the new bills are denominated as 10,000; 20,000; and 50,000 bolivars. At time of writing, the exchange rate for one dollar to sovereign bolivars has surpassed the value of the 10,000 bill note, now is just another useless item for the people and the evidence of the destruction caused by the socialist regime.

For this year's Children's Day, Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative gave out 1200 traditional Cotillones for the kids in Venezuela during the whole weekend.
Thanks to our team, we were able to reach 154 kids in a poor neighborhood, who were also gifted with an arepa filled with meat, a glass with juice, an ice cream called "Chupi", a piece of cake, and of course, a cotillón for each kid.
In the streets of Venezuela, we gave 600 cotillones to kids on the streets of the city, and around some neighborhoods we hand out 256 cotillones. We also visited an orphanage with 40 girls, each one of them received a cotillón as well.
We reach out to a Hospital, with a little help we sneaked in 60 cotillones for the patients of the oncology area, most of them kids suffering with leukemia. The rest of the cotillones were given to all the kids that go daily to have a meal at the soup kitchen we support.
It was our pleasure to help bring a smile to all those kids who are growing up in very poor living conditions. Our hearts are with the people in Venezuela, and we will continue with our good work despite all the obstacles in our way.

The work Bitcoin Venezuela does for the people inside Venezuela is possible thanks to the good will of our team, and to all the donations made with cryptocurrencies to our addresses. If you want to help us continue with our humanitarian aid you can donate any cryptocurrencies. All donations received are spent in food and medicines inside Venezuela. We do not reveal exact locations nor names or faces of our team inside Venezuela for their safety. If you want to make a private donation, please send us an email to contacto@bitcoinvenezuela.com



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Children's Day in mid of Venezuela's crisis
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