Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative #BFVI Humanitarian Aid in 2019

Bitcoin Venezuela team shares their experience through 2019 working with Bitcoin donations since the begining of the campaign #BFVI in December 2015.

2019 was a tough year for our organization. We faced a year full of pollitical crisis that indirectly affected our efforts; a rampant economical crisis, the reapperance of some basic food products that were escarce for a long time were now available but only sold for american dollars and much more expensive than anywhere in the world; and the parting of some of our loyal collaborators that had to flee the country and some of them coulnd no longer dedicate their time and effort to help us due to the country situation. We are grateful for the time they shared with us and their dedication.

The Humanitarian Aid Campaign of Bitcoin Venezuela started in december 2015 with the donation of medical supplies for a Children's Hospital in the central region of Venezuela. Back then, there was pollitical tensions, and this kind of public acts easily draw attention from authorities so we sneaked those supplies into the hospital with the help of the personal on dutty.

In 2016 we coordinated our efforts so once per month we gathered to cook 400 meals, and deliver them directly to the people in different areas of the city. That year 4,800 meals were delivered.

Over the next year Venezuelans were in protests. Economical crisis had double the extreme poverty rate, food shortage was worsening, the official currency (the Bolivar) was devalued and already hyperinflated. In 2017 a lot of Venezuelans sheltered on Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for buying medicines that were escarse long before the crisis shook the country, but these people stood on the shadows and didn't share this information with others because 2017 was also the year were bitcoin minners were imprisioned by the regime and jailed as criminals. Even though the situation was harsh, we were committed to bring food and a smile to those who needed it the most with the support of the community and their Bitcoin donations.

During 2017 we stablished alliances with a Soup Kitchen, two elderly centers, two orphanages, a special care center, and the Children Hospital where the humanitarian efforts started back in 2015. These alliances help us to deliver more than 1,600 meals per day; 1,200 meals were delivered through the Soup Kitchen, and the rest of the meals were distributed between the patients of the Children Hospital, grandpas and grandmas of the two elderly centers, and the orphan children in the two orphanages we help.

Our initiative continued through all 2018, same year the Locha project was born, to create a device for private, secure, and resilient communications that could cover long distances over radio that Venezuelans could build themselves by repurposing old routers and other components available in the country, this was motivated by the massive blackouts and telecom infrastructure failures that were affecting entire regions in the country in 2018-2019, which damaged the local commerce and also caused the lost of the little food the merchants had available because they were not able to sell them.

The help we gave during 2018 resulted in the purchase of 43,680 kilograms of non-cooked pasta, 1,040 kg of proteins, and 1,040 kg of corn flour to feed 1,600 people daily, a total of 584,000 meals were given, keeping the record for what we achieved in 2017.

We could also provide new kitchenware, kitchen utensils, plates, cups, and cutlery to another Soup Kitchen were people used to bring their own or fabricate it themselves with wood or recycled plastic bottles to be able to eat every day. Additionally, we built two waterwells to supply this other Soup Kitchen and another elderly center in the east region of Venezuela.

Our current situation and future milestones

As we made it to 2019 we adopted another campaign, this time in a school in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, by giving breakfasts and lunches to teachers. The economic crisis impact has increased school absenteeism, the kids that have continued attending to school receive education from teachers that may haven't had any decent meal in several hours or even days, teachers use their resources to feed their own children and their relatives leaving them with nothing to eat for themselves. This initiative has allowed children to continue receiving education from these devoted teachers in spite of the crisis.

Thanks to our donnors, we continued all of our activities such as the distribution of food, we paid for blood tests for regular patients and dialysis patients who could not afford their treatment, we continued buying hundreds of kilograms of non-cooked pasta, proteins, and vegetables to supply the Soup Kitchen, the elderly care centers, and the orphanages; we also celebrated Children's Day 2019 giving away 1,200 traditional Cotillones throughout the city streets.

A year ago we started the restoration and reactivation of a farm school with ETH donations, we coordinated the repair of irrigation pumps and the purchase of a new one, also the repair and attune of tractors and other heavy machinery, the restoring works for fish farming, and restoring work on the facilities of the farm school where youngters go to learn how to prepare the land for crops and animal farming. Now the farm has been successfully active on poultry farming, fish farming and sowing.

We closed 2019 just like in previous years, by cooking our traditional Christmas dish, the hallaca. We cooked 496 hallacas, well stuffed with proteins, even though we had less collaborators than past years the activity was a success and we brought happiness to hundreds of people who were able to celebrate Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve.

Our Hopes for 2020

In this new year we hope that Venezuelans can learn much more about Bitcoin, not only its use as money, but the ideas of freedom behind it. We, Bitcoin Venezuela, wish to continue contributing to our humanitarian aid campaign 'Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative' #BFVI and to continue our educational efforts for all through the distribuition of educational materials about Bitcoin.

We hope to be able to collect more donations to maintain our activities in Venezuela: teachers' breakfast and lunches, special cases, medical supplies donations, and food supply for soup kitchens, elderly centers, orphanages, and the streets.

We wish freedom and prosperity for Venezuelans, and of course for all the people in the world who are being oppressed.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to our cause, to those who have given us their support, interviews and podcasts we've been invited to talk about the situation in Venezuela and our efforts to help those who need it the most.

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Bitcoin For Venezuela Initiative #BFVI Humanitarian Aid in 2019
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